Knights of Columbus

Saint Elizabeth Seton - Council 9022


As a fraternal organization of Catholic men, every month our Knights of Columbus council asks four Brother Knights to volunteer to Pray for Vocations to help strengthen the Church, not only does it strengthen the church, we feel it also strengthen us as Knights, and as families we also grow in our faith as well. Through this sponsoring of Church-related activities the members of the Knights of Columbus and their families continue to show that they are the strong right arm of the Church.

Any Knight may volunteer to receive a Vocation Cross for a month, new Knights are encourage to do so, this is also an outward sign of your faith as a Knight, a privilege and an honor. Please contact WGN Jeff White via email at if you would like to be put on the list to accept a Vocation Cross to help strengthen the church through the power of daily prayer through a month of prayer for Vocations.

If you have volunteered to accept a Vocation Cross to pray for vocations please click on the "Vocations" link at the left and select "Praying for Vocations" for more information.

Founded by a parish priest, the Knights of Columbus has always worked hard to encourage young men and women to consider God’s call to service in the priesthood or religious life.

Under the motto "Keep the Faith Alive,” the Order’s vocations initiative has a number of programs based on prayer and designed to reach the hearts and minds of young people, as well as to provide financial support during their years of seminary training or religious formation.